$5 Impact

At 3 Million, we believe that compassion and kindness is desperately needed in this world.

We are a small start-up founded by a few close-knit friends. Among other causes, we believe that every child should have a safe and healthy environment to grow up in. That shared belief is how our friendship started. We have been volunteering at the same nonprofit, Lantuun Dohio, an organization that fights against child abuse and human trafficking, over the years. Now that we have a brand new start-up, we want to give back to those who are in need because giving is what makes us genuinely happy and stronger together. For every jacket sold, 3 Million will donate $5 to Lantuun Dohio, which we call the “$5 Impact.” 

 Through the $5 Impact, you will be making an indelible positive change in many children’s lives.  Find out more about Lantuun Dohio at www.lantuundohio.org.